Don’t Add A Video to Your Resume?

A hiring manager only looks at your resume for a very short amount of time. So why would you want to distract them from your resume by adding a video?

Besides the fact that they are distracting, videos have issues. Sometimes they don’t play, are incompatible or they just don’t get opened because they look suspicious. Even adding a picture to your resume is not a good idea. Save for media personalities, actors and the like, they just don’t belong on a resume.

Your experience, work history, pattern of employment and education is what’s most important to future employers. Don’t waste your time creating new fancy websites and profiles with colorful animation and gimmicky agendas. No one will look at it. Of course if you are an animation developer, go for it…that’s great experience to have on your resume.

For the rest of us, before you labor over learning a new emerging technology or add holograms and 3D videos to your resume make sure that you have a resume with a solid foundation.

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