8 of 10 job seekers know what the issue is, so don’t fight it.

8 out of 10 job seekers know what the issue is with their resume, so why fight it?Dont struggle male

One of our senior writers made a great suggestion last year for our website and the Free Resume Review that we offer and the interaction with people who have asked for our help. She suggested we ask people what they feel is wrong with their resume. Great idea, so we did just that.

Of the 100 or so requests for reviews we do each week, 95% of the people will fill in this open field question and 8 of 10 will know exactly what the issue is with their resume.

For job seekers out there my question is this…if you know what the issue is, then why not change it? The simple answer is, you don’t know how or you aren’t sure if you are making it better or worse. Don’t feel badly about it because sometimes we are too close to the issue to see what the problem actually is.

Oh, don’t I know it! Since turning 50, I’ve questioned everything from my personality traits, our website content, my entire wardrobe and even my resume, which I use for consulting and speaking engagements.

After a while, you aren’t sure where to turn, and this is where a professional comes in. That extra set of eyes on a resume can give you the confidence you need to feel good about sending it along. It more than likely needs just minor changes, but they will make a big impact.

Resume professionals are professionals who have a trained eye, a listening ear, and Writing/HR/Recruiting chops to back up their advice. If you get what you feel is bad advice, then push back a bit. You will get an education and an understanding of why the changes are being made.

So go ahead, 8 out of 10 know you need it! For the record, my resume was fine, my personality is still “direct” and my wardrobe now consists of fewer clothes of better quality, thanks to my generosity (to myself) around the Holidays.

Stay Warm,

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