A little Courtesy Goes a Long Way!

With more than 20 years as a hiring manager and recruiter I have experienced the economy in very high and very low times. You can learn a lot from dealing with candidates and clients during these varying economic conditions. Very much like the “fair weather friend (or relative)” who is by your side when times are good, but when things are tough they are nowhere to be found.

During any economic time you should try to remember the simple courtesy you have hopefully been taught by your parents.

Take for example, the recent college graduate who sent me his resume one afternoon. The next day we had a very nice conversation and he was going to send me an updated resume to send to the client which I had already shared with him. For the next 2 weeks…nothing but silence. No return call or email. He told me he had other things going on, and I asked him to keep me posted if anything changed on his side so I could take him off my active list. Nothing.

I hear you, I hear you….here is a recruiter complaining about the lack of courtesy from a candidate. The proverbial pot calling the kettle black. Herein lies the problem. None of my team or me treats candidates or clients with this level of disrespect.

Are candidates not calling back because we are just another agency and recruiters never call back so why should I call them?

If you start assuming this and recruiters start assuming that candidates are going to be unresponsive, then nobody will be happy.

Try to keep each other in the loop within 2 business days. That seems reasonable for all.

This simple courtesy will go a long way in the future. That recruiter might just be the HR Manager at the start-up in 2017 that you are looking to get into. Recruiters, that technical person might be the Software Manager you interview with for the HR role in 2020.

Lets all try to keep it courteous.

Wayne Schofield
Co-Founder – Night and Day Resume

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