Can the out of work enjoy their weekend?

So it’s Friday afternoon and we are about to wrap up work for the week. We work pretty hard in our little offices, get lots done and enjoy ourselves. Sometimes we enjoy what we do so much we work over the weekend, but I tell the team to take the weekend off and rest their minds. Of course unless there is an emergency, but for the most part, the weekends are theirs.

This got me thinking, do those who are out of work take a mental break over the weekend? I’d guess, and have experienced in my time of being out of work, that it’s difficult to “enjoy” the weekend when you don’t have work during the week, but I’d strongly suggest you try to take the weekend for yourself. Here’s why.

Although you aren’t getting a paycheck for your week’s efforts, you are still working…at finding open jobs and sending out resumes and conducting interviews. That’s hard work and it’s very taxing mentally.

If you don’t distinguish the weekend from the weekdays the energy level on Monday is lower than it should be. You are hurting yourself by limping through the weekends and into the work week when you need to be ready to hit the ground running to find that next role on Monday morning.

So take the weekend off, and make it a great one!

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