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Comfortable with the content in your resume, but the overall visual appeal and formatting needs attention?  The Re-Format level of service is for you.

Your resume should already have a summary statement, with an objective, but no longer than 4 or 5 lines. It should be passionate, personal and define your career direction without limiting yourself to other possibilities within the company.

We edit your resume for spelling and grammar and make formatting changes and return to you an easy to read, clean, clear and concise document.

As with all of our service levels, you get a fast turn around of 2 business days, or less,
100% satisfaction guarantee, and 30 days of follow up support should you have questions.Buy Now     reformat     

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Feel that you need an extra set of eyes on your resume? Need to speak with a certified resume writer to run some questions by and discuss content?  You will want to choose this level of service for a 25-30 minute, one-on-one phone consultation.

Here you can bounce your thoughts and ideas around to add a new job or revise/add the summary, objective or education sections.

When your Re-Fresh consultation is done, you will have a clear, clean, classically formatted and concise new resume emailed back to you and the knowledge to confidently add to it as your career grows.

As with all of our service levels, you get a fast turn around of 2 business days, or less, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and 30 days of follow up support should you have questions.

If you do not have a current resume, or need to work on more content than stated above, you will want to choose our 60 minute consultation and our Re-Write level of service.

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The Re-Write level of service is for those who do not have an up to date resume or for those who are just not confident in the resume content they have.

This level of service is a full 60 minute, one-on-one session with a Senior NDR/GC certified writer who will take the emotions out of writing your resume. Emotions get in the way of brevity and clarity and this is what we work through. Your resume needs passion and personality, but have you tried to satisfy all the well meaning suggestions from relatives and friends, but now, you don’t even like your own resume? You are not alone.

This one-on-one phone consultation will put you at ease and give you the confidence to feel good about your resume again.

We will produce a document to define your goals and objectives and write a clean, clear, classically formatted and concise resume that hiring managers and gatekeepers will want to read. Remember, our co-founder has been there for more than 20 years and knows what they want to see!

As with all of our levels of service, the Re-Write offers a turn-around of 2 business days, or less, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and 30 days of follow up support should you have questions.

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Cover Letter

We have had such a demand for Cover Letters, we have added them to our starting line-up.

When you are required to submit a cover letter and don’t know where to start, or what to sell, let us educate you, work with you and have a one-on-one session to produce a great document. Send us your resume and the job you are applying for and we will work through which details to highlight and profile in your cover letter.

In classic Night and Day Resume style, you will come away from your private session with a clean, clear and organized document, as well as the knowledge and confidence to make changes to your cover letter while applying to every job, for years to come.

Order your cover letter today!

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“The Executive”

You don’t really need to be an executive to take advantage of this great package of offerings, but it might just help you get there!

The Executive bundles our Re-Write, Cover Letter and Interview Prep services.

Just like a smart executive, or future exec., you realize the value of consulting a true professional. This service is conducted by our co-founder, who has more than 20 years of experience as an executive in HR, Recruiting and as a Hiring Manager. Combined with his degree in journalism, you get top level service at a great package price.

If you purchase this package you will also be eligible to get additional hours of interview prep, at a discounted price.

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Simple Upgrade

If you have already purchased our service and realize you need an upgrade to the next level of service, then you will want to purchase this Simple Upgrade. This price is simply the difference between all of our levels of service, so your previous purchase is credited at 100%.

When asked to upload your resume after purchase, please upload the most recent resume that was worked on by your Night and Day Resume writer.

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Graduate Gift Card

For $125 the graduate (or soon to be grad) receives: 

A thoughtful gift from a Neighbor, Friend, Aunt, Uncle, Grandparents or Mom and Dad! But don’t wait, this is a great gift any time for Juniors or Seniors to help them land an internship or a job! This specially priced package will be honored for up to 2 years from graduation of any level school , licensing or certification program.

Resume Re-Write: This includes a one-on-one phone consultation with a certified writer who will construct a professional resume that hiring managers will want to read, while educating the graduate on how to make changes to their resume for years to come.  $175 value

Cover Letter: Your graduate have a cover letter consult to learn how a cover letter matters, where it should be used and what it should, and should not include. $50 value

Click on the link below to order and we will ship this directly to you,  or to the graduate with a card with your name and sentiment . Ships USPS Priority Mail.

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A Package savings of $100 off our already great prices!

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Interview Prep/Career Counseling

Sometimes you need a professional to ask the tough questions. Wouldn’t it be better coming in preparation for the big interview and not during it?

Our Co-Founder has hired and interviewed many people in his 20+ years as an entrepreneur, hiring manager and recruiter. Doesn’t hurt that his background and degree is in journalism, so he has no issues with asking the difficult questions while finding, and helping work around, holes in your answers.

This is not like a cheat sheet, but more like a study session, directly with Wayne.

You are welcome to use your time for career counseling, as well. Wayne’s compassion for your personal situation and understanding of the marketplace might help you get the answer to a question that sets your career path in the right direction.

This is billable per hour, at a rate of $75 per hour. Discounts apply for those who have purchased “The Executive” and for additional hours beyond your initial consult.

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