Does my resume really need my name on it?!

I recently received a resume and when I opened it up the formatting was a mess. This brought up the question….what the heck was this guy thinking?!

It seems that the format he chose was a template from one of the big companies and in email’s outer transport space….all formatting was lost. Why choose a template that can lose its formatting? Beats me? Matter of fact, I’d suggest keeping all your formatting within the document and not in a template with headers and footers. They get twisted, lost, can’t parse and that’s not good if you are looking to be found. I said to this guy laughingly, but kind of concerned….”you forgot to put your name on your resume”. He responded, no, it’s there.

Format fail!

He sent me a PDF and there it was, right at the top, but good thing I knew this guy, or I would have put his resume in the proverbial “circular file”. I’m anti PDF’s because they aren’t good for tracking and parsing purposes, but in this case it worked.

Choosing a format is a tough decision that really matters, so don’t take the formatting, and obviously the content, of your resume lightly.

If you have sent your resume to a company and haven’t received the response you feel you should have you can chock it up to the economy, but consider the fact that it could be your resume.

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  1. It could be your resume or the amount of competition.
    Here in little Missoula Montana you can have over 200 people apply for a low paying part-time retail job. Even McDonald’s is seeing a large number of applicants. You know they probably are not looking at all the resume’s that come in or keeping them all on file.
    Another thing to keep in mind is some companies do not accept attachments. Look for fine print or requests to receive full resume all in one email.

  2. @ Mike That’s a great question. We use a word doc and a format that has been devised over my 20+ years of reviewing resumes. There really is no method to the madness, but clean and organized and uncluttered always gets a look. I’ve seen so many resumes that have too many bullets or all bold and that defeats the purpose. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I call this the “american Idol” affect, where everyone feels that if they stand out, they will get chosen, when it actually comes down to who can sing best…or for resumes, whose resume is getting read and not being tossed aside.
    @ Carol Great point about the attachments. I have heard of that, but not experienced it first hand. This is why you should always have your contact info in the body of an email introduction, just in case they don’t open the attachment. As far as the competitive market…yes, I spoke to one manager who said he posted a job and within 12 hours got over 125 responses from a CL ad. That was last year and here in NH things are getting better. If at all possible, maybe consider relocating, even for a short term contract to get some cash coming in?
    Best, Wayne
    Founder – Night and Day Resume