Don’t blame outsourcing!

So I saw someone recently on Linkedin who said they were laid off a couple years ago from a job they held for 22 years and they said “outsourcing took it’s toll”. I was interested to see what sort of a role this person, respectably, did for 22 years. When I opened his profile I realized there was no way in heck that the type of work he did (b2b sales) could have been outsourced and it wasn’t the job that went bye bye, but the entire industry he was in!

Outsourced….c’mon, don’t blame outsourcing for your departure…that would be like blaming a car that ran out of gas for being a broken down jalopy. Dude, your industry went away…gone, departed…it ran out of gas!

I promise, I’m getting somewhere with this. Question is….if you look down at your gas gauge and see you need gas to keep going you pull off the road and get gas. How can you tell when your career, or worse yet, your industry, is ready to sputter to it’s demise?

Short answer….you can’t always tell, but just like your car…you can read the signs and try to make an educated decision. If your gas gauge is broken and you know your car gets 400 miles to a tankful are you going to try to make it to a gas station at 400 miles? Hope not!

Go to a gas station at 350 miles and be safe. Your career deserves the same sort of attention. If you see that your sales are down, the competition is closing it’s doors, folks are getting laid off in your company…or even still, that roles are actually going oversees and being outsourced….pick your head up out of your cube and dust off the keyboard at home and get cracking on a resume.

After that day (yes, I want you to take 1 day to start your resume because your co-workers have probably already sent theirs out, so time is awasting!) talk to family, friends and former co-workers and let them know you are open for business because the sooner you network that you would like to be considered for a new job, people will call.

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