Don’t Mess With a Good Thing

When updating your resume make sure that you start with the right foundation.

Too often when looking at resumes I see sections that look like they were tacked on. If you make a change to your resume you need to make sure that the formatting and alignment stay consistent throughout the entire resume.

This is why I suggest when adding new information to your resume just change the content, not the formatting. Issues will always arise when trying to fandangle, patch or re-work your resume with the addition of education, new jobs or just an added bullet to your current job, so stay consistent with the formatting. Remember that format is your foundation and if you start chipping away at it, inevitably it will crumble and turn into a mess.

That being said, if you open up that resume from a decade ago and shriek at the content you wrote in your less formative years or you realize that making the entire thing bold or neon would “set you apart” you may need to scrap it all together.

There is no need to be unhappy with your resume, so if this sounds like you, check out some of our previous blog posts or better yet, send it to us and we will reply with our honest opinion. You can find our FREE Resume Review Service HERE.


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