You Don’t Need a New Engine, Just Change the Oil!

I had the most amazing weekend. Normally I would say this because it was spent time with my family and loved ones, but this past weekend was spent with a different family, a brotherhood, if you will.Bran Drift

You see, I’m a very proud graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and I was asked to be a presenter at their annual alumni weekend. I had great conversations, wonderful company and lots of ideas and opinions were flowing. During an “Ask the Experts” session, which was a one on one scenario, I blurted out an analogy that made so much sense to me, I had to share.

Night and Day Resume services are reasonably priced because we realize that most clients don’t need a new engine, they just need some new oil to make things better. This particular alum was a few years my junior, very professional and said he was approached by someone to work on his resume who charges nearly $1,000. I said “yikes, your resume is very good….that’s like going to a mechanic who tells you to buy a new engine when all you really need is an oil change”. That’s exactly what we do.

You see, there are some people who need lots of hand holding and guidance and hours upon hours of resume assistance, but the majority of people just need a professional to lay eyes on their resume, help them to better organize it, while confirming much of what they already know they want to say, but helping to make it clear. That’s us. We never re-write the entire resume in our words, we educate our clients on how to make a better resume then deliver the changes in their words and in a couple of hours. We expect people to want their resume turned around quickly which is why we never add a rush charge. On the other side, we do realize you might have follow up questions, and this is why we support you for 30 days after you get your resume back.

If our “oil change of professional resume writing” doesn’t help, then you can come back for an upgrade or for additional support, but why start with a new engine?

I’m not knocking what my counterparts do, or what they charge, but from the feedback I got, we are on the inexpensive side, but we like it that way. Our services get results, base on all the great, unsolicited testimonials, and we like it that way, too!

More people need an oil change than an engine swap and we want to help as many people as possible.  We hope you consider our services should your resume need a check-up.

Best, Wayne

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