Everyone needs a second set of eyes!

You might have heard folks say when they are carrying things that they could use an extra pair of hands. Well it’s much the same when you are writing a resume and you are overloaded…except what will help this time is an extra set of eyes.

Here at Night and Day Resume we are committed to quality control, but we realize that we are only human, so every resume that comes through goes to our writers and then back to me for a final review. I know this may sound like overkill, but when we give free in person resume reviews to folks we meet at career fairs we might point out a small spelling or punctuation error, they say “aw, I looked this thing over like 10 times and missed it”. It happens all the time and it’s just part of being human.

Go a bit deeper into the mystery of why folks can’t put their finger on why their resume isn’t working for them and you will see it is usually emotion that connects them to the job they had in high school where they met their sweetheart…26 years ago. Sorry Charlie, time to let go. You have got your wife to hold onto in that case and hopefully she won’t leave you if you take the job at Mickey D’s off your resume.

The certification class you took to tape ankles in college isn’t something you need on your resume now that your software engineer career has spanned a decade. It was a fun time on the sidelines in college, but off the resume it goes.

We take the emotion out of cleaning up your resume and it’s something we get a pat on the back for all the time. Here’s what BG from North Carolina said about his experience: “After more than ten years in recruiting I finally realized that my resume had morphed into something I was not happy with. I found new meaning in the story about the cobblers children not having shoes. The guidance Night and Day Resume (Wayne and Michael) provided me with proved insightful. They were direct, professional, and tactful in showing me where I had gone wrong.”

Think about your resume and truly scrutinize it’s content. The hiring managers and gatekeepers you are sending it to are. If you are not sure why you might not be getting the interviews you think you should, please, send your resume along for a free, no obligation review. You will be in good company as we have reviewed resumes from 7 countries and 48 states in the US. C’mon West Virginia and South Dakota….we know you are out there!

Wayne Schofield
Co-Founder – Night and Day Resume

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