Extend Your Right to Edit!

So as a resume writing service and owner of a staffing agency you can probably understand that I see my share of resumes with typos, improper grammar and run on sentences. Now please, don’t get me wrong, I’m the first person to admit that everyone makes mistakes, but there are some resumes we see that are just carelessly written and not edited.

Please people, extend your right to edit your own resume!

After you edit your resume show it to a friend or two and then a relative or two and ask for their honest opinion and for any editing suggestions.

Think of your resume like you do after eating broccoli or spinach at a restaurant. You would ask a good friend “Do I have any in my teeth?” and they should tell you.

Treat your resume as if it just went out to dinner and needs a friend to check its teeth before it leaves your computer. Your resume thanks you!

Wayne Schofield


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