Get Excited for a Fresh Start!


Fresh Start For Your Resume This New Year

Whether you are just starting your job search or you have been out of work for a bit, think of the new year as a fresh start!

It seems like a small suggestion, but for those who have been looking for a while it’s something just like a new calendar that might give you that boost of energy to find the job that works best for you.
For new to the market job seekers, you are probably on the market because your work is not fulfilling or you are not being challenged at your current position and you need some spark to wake up in the morning.
Been there, done that on all of the above.
It’s difficult trying to get excited about another year if you aren’t working or aren’t fulfilled in your job, but this is exactly what you need!
Don’t think clean slate, but new adventure. Change around your routine for the new year. Maybe work out in the afternoon a couple days a week, or eat out on a different day of the week. See new people and faces and introduce yourself to some new potential connections.
For those who are working and need to shake things up….take an earlier bus to work, go to lunch with a different co-worker or two or maybe go to a different mall for the lunchtime walk or shopping jaunt.
In short, let more of the world see you and see a bit more of the world. Now notice, I’m not talking about taking a trip or visiting friends far away, but just saying in your daily routine…mix it up a bit and that could be the connection you need for the new job in 2012.

Wayne Schofield

Founder – Night and Day Resume

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