Good Things Happen to Those who Wait, but Don’t Wait!

So the staffing agency business is never easy, but it’s been interesting over the past few months. Candidates have been saying they don’t want to look for fear if their employer finds out they will lose their job for the past few years.

Well, the market is back nicely and those people who took a job 50 miles from home, or who took a job making less than they did 10 years ago need to get back in the market. Here’s why….the good times might be here, but we never know how long they might last.

I have seen the job market turn almost overnight in the past.

Now I’m not suggesting you look for a job just for the sake of looking for a new job. The usual suspects are location, compensation and dissatisfaction with your responsibilities, but obnoxious boss, lack of resources and horrible benefits aren’t too far behind.

Whatever the reason you might decide to look for a new job, get your resume in order, read the job description 2 times before you apply and be honest with yourself in what your value is in today’s market.


Wayne Schofield


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