Interview Prep/Career Counseling

Sometimes you need a professional to ask the tough questions. Wouldn’t it be better coming in preparation for the big interview and not during it?

Our Co-Founder has hired and interviewed many people in his 20+ years as an entrepreneur, hiring manager and recruiter. Doesn’t hurt that his background and degree is in journalism, so he has no issues with asking the difficult questions while finding, and helping work around, holes in your answers.

This is not like a cheat sheet, but more like a study session, directly with Wayne.

You are welcome to use your time for career counseling, as well. Wayne’s compassion for your personal situation and understanding of the marketplace might help you get the answer to a question that sets your career path in the right direction.

This is billable per hour, at a rate of $75 per hour. Discounts apply for those who have purchased “The Executive” and for additional hours beyond your initial consult.

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