Keep It Positive People!

It’s my job as a recruiter to prepare candidates for interviews. Sure, candidates have to support their resumes and what they put forth on the resume, but as a recruiter, I must take some responsibility if they fall on their face during an interview, so here is my one interview tip for the season (well this blog, anyway). Keep it positive people!

We have all had that job where you couldn’t stand your manager because they have no clue what they are doing and couldn’t manage themselves out of a parking lot, but during an interview, that person shouldn’t be called an incompetent manager, or worse.

Why keep things positive if it was such a bad situation, after all you are just telling the truth? Simple, because even though your manager might have been the negative factor in your last job, the more you explain it, the more it looks like you are loving the negativity and it now reflects on you. The more you explain it, the worse it sounds. I’m thinking most married people can relate to this concept.

Short and sweet is the best answer. Use terms like “they were always swamped with work” or “the boss put my manager in a situation that was a bit over their head”. These phrases distance you from the negativity but show you could tell your previous manager isn’t the person to call when a manager role opens up.

So recruiters, do your part and help out your candidates. Candidates help your recruiters and keep it positive during the interview.


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