Look Into The Company Before You Interview

It seems obvious, but many people just don’t understand that when you prepare for an interview, make sure you read up on the company that you are speaking with. If at all possible, find out about the manager you are interviewing with and his or her background. Sure, it’s about what you know, but finding some friendly common ground with the manager can’t hurt.

Often when trying to find a new job you are bombarded with calls from recruiters and managers and HR all in quick succession. You can sometimes find yourself taken back. It is ok to ask for clarification about the position if you aren’t sure which one they are calling about.

They will understand that they are not the only company you have applied to, but after the initial conversation you should be able to speak about why you would like to work for their company. You don’t need to go into the company’s full history, stock price and founders wife’s middle name but you should understand their message and be able to answer the inevitable question “why would you like to work for us”.

Company’s also like to hear that you have worked with their product so if there is a free trial version then get it! Many managers will immediately eliminate candidates who have not done some due diligence.

The economy is turning around and a new resume is going to give you better results now than it has in the past. You can’t afford to let any opportunity slip away, so make sure you show the interviewer that you are willing to put in the effort and go the extra mile in everything you do. Start with your interview.

Brandon Schofield
Co-Founder – Night and Day Resume


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