Looking At vs Reading Your Resume

There is a difference between reading and looking at a resume. When you are writing your own resume you are actually reading it. Making sure that there is appropriate sentence structure and wording; correcting for spelling and punctuation. You read each word carefully and contemplate its importance and only after hours of arduous work are you happy with what you have done. You have read your resume and are in love with the story it tells.

A manager looks at your resume and they simply look at it. They open your email scan up and down the resume for about 15 seconds, looking to see if the information is organized and aesthetically pleasing. While scanning they look for key words such as what technology have you used what were your sales figures, ect. They check your last title and see how long you have stayed at previous company’s.

If it fancy’s them, they look to see where you went to school and what certifications you might have. Once they have scanned for all that, they make a decision…do they forge ahead and read more, or do you go atop the no thank you for now pile. If a manager can’t clearly find the things they are looking for, those 15 seconds could be used up just trying to find things in the jumbled mess that might just be your resume.

The point is, even if you have done your due diligence reading your resume you should always give it to someone to look at. Make sure they tell you what they see first and what stands out to them the most. Looking at a resume for a first impression is just as important as any other step in the process.



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