My Most Important Re-Write to Date!

Our efforts at Night and Day Resume are now felt from coast to coast in the USA and overseas in many countries because of our “little company that could”, but recently I realized on a personal level, how important our work is.

You see, my oldest daughter is graduating from college this month and has been back and forth between going to grad school or entering the workforce for a bit before going back to school. She is a great student, an awesome young lady who has been accepted at a couple of top schools in her chosen field, but she is feeling a bit overwhelmed with school and believes she might be better served by looking for work. Enter Night and Day Resume and Daddy’s help with, yes, writing her resume.

For me, the staffing and resume writing business has always been about the individual receiving my service. I’ve been fortunate to have been in this business for more than 18 years, placed hundreds of people and changed many lives, I truly believe, for the better, so helping my daughter with her resume is not a great stretch for how I have treated others, it’s just a bit closer to home.

My daughter reached out to me for help after writing a strong resume, but like most of our clients, she was emotionally attached to jobs in her past that just weren’t going to help her land the professional job she is seeking.

Yes, it’s OK to take the tennis teaching, pizza shop, burger joint roles you had in high school off the resume. The high school diploma also becomes irrelevant after you have attained a higher level of education, so you must purge the emotions of leaving that varsity letter winning line from your resume. It’s emotional, but don’t worry, the letter and all your awards can still hang on your cork board…or in your home office or bedroom, but not in your cube at your new job.

Moving on from any comfortable situation is always a challenge, but challenges present new opportunities and growth. To all of the 2012 graduates, congratulations on your achievements and best of luck in whatever your future may hold!


Wayne Schofield


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