Nearly 50% say motivation gets in the way of their job search!

Stressed Office WorkerMotivation doesn’t always run deep when you are out of work or under-employed and looking for a job.

Nearly 5 of every 10  sessions we conduct  with new clients will address their emotional state and lack of motivation during their job search.

We can’t lessen the emotional value of feeling good about what you are selling. If you are a salesperson and don’t like what you are selling, how successful are you going to be? The motivation is just not there.  It’s much the same for unemployed, or underemployed, people who look themselves in the mirror in the morning and sometimes just don’t like what they see on their resume, so they find it difficult to submit it and sell themselves.

At some time or another, we have all gone through it.

How many times have you heard “I’m not sure what I want to be when I grow up?” Some joke, while others reflect and question whether they should continue on their current path. Those who are serious about this question are those who don’t feel they can sell themselves, or they don’t feel the skill set they currently have could transfer into what they “really want to do when they grow up”.

I understand…life takes over, bills pile up and the family grows. Sometimes it takes someone else to see your value to give you a nudge in the right, or a new, direction.

Like a ship going full steam ahead,  your path won’t change in one swift move, but if you chart your course and make small changes, those small changes will give your career a new direction. It could be a couple of years until you are heading in the direction you want, but  that’s not too long to wait for what you want. Most importantly, write down your goals because you won’t get there if you don’t set the course and stick with it and writing it down helps!

On Monday we celebrate our Veterans. Here at Night and Day Resume we are happy to have offered our services over the years to the wounded warrior project and proudly offer a discount to our veterans.

Best for a safe and wonderful long weekend.

Wayne Co-Founder/COO

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