Nearly one in 3 workers is “Job Straddling”

Most people are familiar with the terms unemployed or underemployed, but what is “job straddling”?ndrlogo

When your job is to dig into the work history of hundreds of people a year to write their resume, well, let’s just say some personal details come out.

“Job Straddling” is a term that describes someone who is hanging onto an old career as they transition to a new career. It could also be someone who has one career, but has a side job they just don’t want to give up.

Of the folks I’ve spoken to, more than 30 percent have a second job, or even a second career, that they continue to do on a part time basis over their regular job. I chose the term “regular job” because “full time” is difficult to define these days. With companies employing more “part time” people 25-30 hours so they aren’t required to provide benefits for those in “full time” status, “Job Straddling” is quickly becoming a way of life that some people haven’t chosen, but actually need.

“Job Straddling” for others is to fulfill a passion they have always wanted to try and for some, it’s just a way to keep busy and spend time meeting more people.

Personally, I embrace the straddling and love the ever changing responsibilities I face each day. If I had to pick one career to step away from, I don’t know which one I would choose, or even if I could make a choice.

Of my family and friends their reasons for “straddling” are varied; financial, fun and social. What’s your reason for “Job Straddling”?

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