Office Parties ahead! Yikes or Yay?

Yes, it’s that time of year again. We are heading into the Holidays and the company office party is just around the corner. It’s always great to discuss do’s and don’ts for this annual tradition, so let’s get to it!

Do you bring your significant other to the party? Heck if I know. If they are invited, bring them along. If not, then don’t. If you aren’t sure…ask someone and move forward accordingly.

Do I drink at the annual bash? Absolutely! Serve me up a tall glass of ice water so I can keep my cool. Seriously though, if there is alcohol and you can handle it, go for it…as long as you have a safe ride and don’t overdo it. Can’t tell you how many times I have seen

someone gain some, well, let’s say gumption, after having a few, then taking a swing (and landing) at a co-worker. Not to mention, the Miley Cyrus like dance moves that will go viral in the company inbox the next morning. Yikes!


Whether drinking or not….out comes the inappropriate language. I’ll let you figure out what might be inappropriate based on the normal dynamic of the office, but when the conversation gets there…you will know it. I’d suggest you walk away and let someone else step over the line.

The Holiday party should be fun, but remember, it’s a work event and should be treated as such. Have any fun stories you’d like to share?
Please travel safe this Holiday Season.

Best, Wayne
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