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For a better resume… it’s Night and Day!


This is an independent contractor agreement between Night and Day Resume (NDR) and you, who will taking on the responsibilities of college ambassador for your College/University.


Your first priority as a NDR Ambassador is to be safe and post fliers in an approved location. Please do not litter and only post where you have been given consent or in locations known to be for such approved correspondence.


You should have fun with this role, but you will also get an opportunity to make money, win incentive prizes and cheer on your school to victory. Here is how you are compensated: You will be given a coupon code to share with whomever you want and when they purchase any level of service they put in the coupon code and you will be credited for the sale. You earn:

$2 for each Re-Format

$5 for each Re-Fresh and

$10 for each Re-Write



Each month we will give a $50 cash bonus to our top college ambassador. This includes a pizza party with 12 large pizzas for you and your Fraternity or Sorority and all your friends or class-room-dorm mates!

You must have a minimum of 5 sales in that month to be eligible.


Each semester we will award a grand bonus to the top selling college ambassador. This is a $200 cash prize and pizza party with 25 large pizzas to share with your friends/classmates/roommates/dorm mates or Fraternity/Sorority. You must have a minimum of 20 sales in the semester to be eligible.


You will earn a FREE Resume Re-Write for yourself in a semester where you sell 5 or more of any level of service. This is a $109.95 value and will be given to each and every ambassador who sells.


You will also not hold Night and Day Resume or any of it’s officers responsible for any harm that may be caused to you during the performance of your duties, understanding that this is an independent contractor role.


Signed and agreed:

Name: ______________________________ Date: ______________________________

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