The Power of Networking, the Motivation to Ask!

Golden golf shot....enjoy

It’s a crazy economy we are living in these days. I know more than a handful of people who are gainfully employed, outwardly seem to be doing well, but they don’t feel secure in their jobs. It’s the new normal. Many people feel this way, but they don’t know what to do. Much like the person out of work who is a bit embarrassed to tell neighbors and friends that they are out of work and they could use some job leads.

I’m here to let you know that it’s OK to ask for help.  It’s now called “networking” and it’s appropriate.  Not that it was ever inappropriate, but now there is a term for it that makes it less uneasy.

Sure, you may be a bit embarrassed or uneasy at first, but it opens up good dialogue, and you will be surprised at how many people will then turn to you and ask for help in some way.

Let your guard down, let some folks in and “network”, or “ask” for some help with interviewing, tips on job leads, some salary direction or just directly ask who they know who might have a job for you. “Hey, I’m looking for my next job opportunity…do you know someone who could use my skills and experience?”  It’s simple, straight forward and opens up the conversation. Poolside, courtside, next to a ball field or a soccer field and yes, even on the golf course…take your shot…ask away, because you never know who you might be socializing with.

Of course, you don’t want to have your resume ready to whip out, but a pen and paper to write down their email address, phone number and a few notes is perfectly appropriate.

Some might ask if they should make up some business cards. I’d say no and here’s why. Because you are literally putting your search in their hands and asking that person to initiate the action. As a job seeker, you must drive the bus, so getting their information and sending along a resume is best left up to you. Plus, you can call them every few weeks to check in and see if anything has changed.

Go ahead, ask, network and drive the bus….you will be surprised at how much activity a few extra conversations and connections will generate.

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