Protect Your Anonymity While Job Hunting

There are many concerns when posting your resume online, however, the thing I hear most is that people don’t want to have their contact information out on the internet. Of course there is the concern of anonymity when doing a confidential job search. I have heard of people getting 30+ calls a day, from information that was spread amongst recruiters and they get pestered for months.

There is no question that you must put your contact information on your resume when ,looking for a job, so what is the average person to do? The thing to remember is, you are much more likely to be contacted if you include contact information.

All of these concerns can be mitigated with one simple solution, Google Voice. This service is easy to setup, easy to use, and best of all, it’s free!

Save yourself anguish for years to come and go to Once you have a Google account you can request a phone number in your area. Not all area codes are available at this time but one that is close should work.

Once you get your new phone number, click on it. You will go to the settings menu, from there you will be able to select the number you wish to have your calls forwarded too. You can select multiple numbers or receive chat notifications when someone attempts to call. If the calls get to be incessant, simply turn off forwarding and calls will go strait to your free voice mail. Yes, Google provides a free voice mail. It allows speech to text so you can even read messages without having to fire up your speakers.

Save time and aggravation while at the same time making yourself available. In the past you have had to choose between privacy or connectivity. Now you have the ability to get both and the option to stop it all at the touch of the button.

Brandon Schofield

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