If you feel that you need to speak with a certified resume writer, then
you will want to choose this level of service or higher.

The Re-Fresh service is for those who feel confident with most of the content
within their resume, but want the comfort of speaking to a professional, in a
one-on-one phone consultation. There you can bounce your thoughts and ideas
around to add a new job or revise/add the summary, objective or education sections.

When finished with the Re-Fresh you will have a clear, clean and concise
resume emailed back to you and the knowledge to confidently add to it as your career grows.

As with all of our service levels, you get a fast turn around of 2 business days, or less,
100% satisfaction guarantee, and 30 days of follow up support should you have questions.

If you do not have a current resume, or need to work on more content than stated above,
you will want to choose our Re-Write level of service.

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