Resume FAQ

Have questions about your resume? Read through our FAQ. If you would like to discuss any of these please submit your information for a Free Resume Review.

Q: How do I handle gaps in employment on my resume?

A – Head on and with Honesty

Q: How long should my resume be?

A – Length is not as much a concern as clarity, content and organization, but I’d say no longer than 2 pages for most people.

Q: How many years back should my resume go?

A – I say as far back as your profession represents, but if you decide to shorten, note that on your resume. The key is clarity.

Q: Where do I put my education?

A – At the top, beneath your summary for 5 years from graduation.

Q: Should I include my GPA?

A- I say keep your GPA on your resume if you are proud of it.

Q: Why am I not getting a response to my resume?

A – The biggest reason for not getting a response is that your resume doesn’t properly represent who you truly are. It could be the content, but often times it’s a simple tweak to the formatting and a better/lack of a summary.

Q: How quickly can you turn things around?

A – I have been on the phone with a prospective client who decided to order immediately and we turned the resume around within an hour. Quick turnaround is the nature of our business, and we never have a rush charge like some services…it’s the nature of our business. Can you imagine a restaurant serving you food, then charging extra for utensils? Because we work quickly, we want folks to know we will be there to support them, so we always offer 30 days of follow up support.

Q: Where do I put certifications on my resume?

A- Within education.

Q: How do I make my resume stand out?

A – Organized and clear content on a resume that’s submitted to a job you qualify for will usually get a response.

Q: How should I format my resume?

A – Reverse chronologically.

Q: What font and size should I use on my resume?

A – The font you use is a personal preference, but also should correlate to your profession. Artistic types can take more liberties. We tend to use more professional looking fonts and 10-12 pts high is best, depending on the font.

Q: What are some words I should use in my resume?

A – Positive words!

Q: What words or phrases should I avoid using in my resume?

A – Negative words and phrases that don’t set you apart.

Q: How long should a cover letter be?

A – Not long at all. If it’s too long, it’s not going to be read. Think of your cover letter as an elevator pitch. Brevity is bliss.

Q: What should a cover letter say?

A – I found this role posted on XX, I’m a great fit because: This, That and Maybe another thing. Thank you for your consideration…and here is my contact information.



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