What’s wrong with my resume having TMC?

What the heck is TMC and why doesn’t my resume need it?female questioning

When you look at resumes for a living you tend to come up with some terminology of your own.  I’ve coined some terms that you might be interested to understand. As a candidate, these are going to help you write a better resume. As a resume writer/job coach…feel free to share and use to help you explain to candidates why they need help with their resume.

TMC – Too Much Content. This is pretty self explanatory, but if you have volunteer experience from when you were in junior high still on your resume and you are already out of college…TMC! Also, for those of you who feel being the lead cookie baker and organizer for the company cookie swap is relevant….not so much, that’s TMC  (unless you’re looking for a social director/cookie swap taster role).

Front Loading. This is for the folks who feel that if they don’t get all of their accolades on the front page they will get passed over. This is you if it takes 3 sections for me to read before getting to your experience. Think about it…the more you front load, the less your resume will impress if the receiver continues to read. It’s like having a great first half and not showing up for the second half of a game. Solution… share a good amount, but leave something for the conversation. That will impress!

Buzzword Density. This is usually specific to those who have a technical summary on top of their resume. Make sure that technology trickles down into the body of your resume so I know where you have used it, for how long and how recent. This is like SEO for resumes. The more it is on there, the higher you will come up in a search by gatekeepers. Just make sure you don’t go “buzzword crazy” and that you can support your resume when it comes time to discuss with the hiring manager or recruiter.

Hope everyone is having a great January.
Best for a wonderful and prosperous 2014!
Wayne, Co-Founder/COO
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