I feel very fortunate that  I contacted Night and Day resume . I received a gift certificate from my nephew  to have my resume done professionally. It was completed in two days! Wayne’s inquisitiveness and knowledge were only exceeded by his generous spirit. I could not be happier with the end result! R.A. – Massachusetts

What a clean, inviting and classic resume! Thank you very much for your prompt and efficient service. J. S. – NJ

Wow Wayne the resume looks great! It was so nice to speak with you. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me before even starting the process. Your service felt very personal and I will absolutely contact you again for future resume updates!  R.N. – Maine

Awesome Refresh!!! Thank you so very much for the incredible job you did reorganizing my content, for your lightning fast turnaround, and especially for the courtesy of your phone call. G.L. – Kansas

I LOVE it!  It’s so helpful to have an objective set of eyes.  Thank you for an awesome job AND such a quick turnaround! M.H. – RI

I could not believe that was my resume! It looks so professional beyond my imagination. Crystal has done a tremendous job in refreshing my resume. Now my resume looks so approachable and professional. Crystal was streamlining those important questions that I needed to know prior to any interview. I really appreciate Crystal’s input and the revised resume in a timely fashion. I. H. – North Carolina

when the eyes have it

Please thank Tara for the wonderful job she did on my resume, and thank you so much for your help also. I learned a lot from my conversation with Tara about how to edit my resume in the future for specific jobs. I will definitely share your service with my family, friends and former classmates. E.D. –  Arizona

It was a Friday morning and I was asked by a number of firms to submit my resume ASAP.  I quickly ran to my computer to attempt to find my 10 year old outdated resume.   After searching through a decade of files; I finally found a copy of my ancient and outdated resume; which was going to be absolutely unusable.  After doing some homework and searching reviews online; I contacted Wayne at Nightanddayresume.com

I found Wayne to be extremely professional and knowledgeable; as well as truly caring for my situation.  Well, by Saturday afternoon,  Wayne had written 2 different drafts of my new, updated resume in a clean, modern, and easily read format. I can’t wait to submit it on Monday morning.  Thanks Wayne; for an outstanding job as well as top notch customer service. LJF – Pennsylvania

The turnaround from the time I initiated the consult to receiving the resume was fast. I am satisfied with the final product and confidently posted my resumeR.P. – Texas

Crystal did a great job on my resume, I am very pleased with how it turned out! Thank you for the free review and outstanding service. G.G. – Texas

I can’t believe how great this looks!!!!!  You and Tara have done an amazing job and have inspired me. I have a friend  in the job market and will recommend your services.  He and his wife are Mr. & Mrs. Frugal so they may not want to pay for money well spent!!!!!  But I will continue to promote your services here on the west coast. D. S. – California

This morning’s session went very well. Michael is patient, reassuring, and very knowledgeable. I enjoyed our phone session and look forward to submitting my revised resumé. This service is extremely helpful and I’m glad I invested in the service. I would definitely recommend it.  Y.W. – New York

It does look much cleaner and the changes with the wording makes the resume sound much better. I like how the specialties were listed. Thanks Wayne, it does look much better. Well done. C.L. – Ohio

It (the Re-Format) is great. Thanks so much for making my resume stand out. You are the best! S.B.- North Carolina

First, Thank you for responding to my calls and emails so quickly.  Secondly, since you and your colleague reworked my resume, I have had six face to face interviews.   Amazingly, I’m still receiving request for interviews and had to turn down two opportunities.   I have recommended Night and Day Resume to three others, including my wife, and trust me, if she is satisfied, you are doing an Awesome Job!  Thanks again! J.W.J. – Georgia U.S. Air Force – Retired

It was a pleasure to work with Crystal and the resume update looks great. The reformatting, emphasis on skills and overall presentation is a big improvement. R.L. – Georgia

I was very impressed by the service, quality and the engagement provided by you and Michael. I will definitely spread the word and provide referrals. S.S. – Arkansas

I think the resume looks great. It definately looks a lot more clean, and spaced and formatted a lot better, and definately much more professional. I think that this will be a great resume, and with the formatting issues solved I will be able to tweak it as needed for specific jobs. I appreciate Night and Day’s professional and prompt service, as well as its interest in my job search, which I will keep you updated on. Thank you again! Z. L. – Pennsylvania

I have nothing but the highest compliments for how clear, concise, effective and friendly Michael was during our phone call. He was extremely helpful and gave me advice I will consider throughout my career journey. Thank you so much for your service. I will absolutely recommend you far and wide. I also appreciate the UMass discount! Again, I would like to thank your company and Michael in particular for exceeding all my expectations. M.C. – New York

My resume looks absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for your thoroughness and promptness. Also, please extend my deep gratitude to Crystal. I really appreciate the work that you guys do! Z.C. – Virginia