What a Pain in the A$$!

OK, so my social media marketing guy keeps bugging me for blog posts. What the heck…doesn’t he have anything better to do? He keeps telling me about all the people who read these and make comments and who visit Night and Day Resume’s FB Fanpage and the website and that’s great, but I want customers to visit our site.

Wait a minute…from the people who visit our site and we give a free resume review comes customers….ahhh, social media marketing! Of course I get it, but what about those of you looking to get your resume into the hands of a hiring manager?

Just as social media marketing is the new frontier in advertising a business and offering a great service, having people appreciate it and then patronize you with their business…so is social media to promote your resume on websites like Linked In, Twitter, Google + and whatever other site where you can create a network of folks to refer off of and let them know you are available.

Sure, you need to have your resume on the job boards, but don’t just expect to be noticed, you have to stir things up a bit. Linked In is a great social networking tool for professionals.

I don’t have a vested interest in LI, but you should.

Speaking of stirring things up a bit…my apologies to anyone offended by the “A$$” title. It was for shock value to make you think…those things that can be a pain in the…could be money in your pocket if they help you land that new job in 2012.

Wayne Schofield

Founder – Night and Day Resume

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