What Constitutes a Lie on Your Resume?

You may have heard in the news recently that a high profile executive was found to have fabricated his education on his resume. This brings about many questions

Is it wrong for the applicant to falsify their resume in the first place?

Is it OK to lie if they win the job over other candidates?

Is it OK to lie if you can still do the job?

What happens if you lie, win the job, are doing an excellent job and then are found out to have lied on your resume years later?

To me it’s kind of like the person who commits a crime, got away and was found decades later living a normal life. Should they be held up to justice even though they are now a productive member of society?

I feel pretty strongly about this, as anyone who has ever known me, worked with me, or been a team mate of mine will attest… lying is a personality flaw that can rarely be corrected with time and I, for one, believe anyone falsifying their resume, or committing a crime should be held accountable for their actions.

A handful of years back I hired a contract recruiter at a company I was staffing up. He had just gone through a divorce, was down on his luck and I gave him a bit of work for a couple months to help out. Times were crazy busy and when I asked him after a few weeks what he had done he sent me a couple of hasty emails and 4 or 5 resumes to consider and nothing more. A few years after this I saw his resume as I was looking to hire another contract recruiter and on his resume he stated proudly that he placed 5 people with my company. A bold lie, a clear lie and one that he has to live with telling.

I guess the point is, companies need to do their due diligence and question a resume’s content. People will lie on their resume, company’s have to catch it. If they don’t, they should reserve the right to terminate that employee immediately.

The threat of immediate termination at any given time should deter people from lying on their resume, but probably not everyone.


Wayne Schofield


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