What is Up With Relish?

So we had some friends over to our house for a BBQ over the Memorial Day Holiday. Burgers, Hot Dogs, Pasta Salad…the usual suspects, but there was something distinctly missing from our spread. Relish…where’s the relish.

Ohh, man, what’s a Grilled Hot Dog without that pickly sweet goodness gushing out of the bun?!

I hear you…some of you are saying Yuck and others, yes, he is right. I’m not looking to poll the audience, although that would be cool to hear if you are yay or nay on relish. No, my thoughts go elsewhere.

Just like relish, your skills and your resume are going to be appreciated by some and not by others. The thing to remember is to try and portray yourself on your resume how you are comfortable. Don’t stretch so far that if you get an interview you can’t be yourself during the interview, no less the job if you get it.

You are not relishmustard or ketchirelish….so don’t try to be. Just be who you are and bring that to the table when you interview. Oh yeah, and please bring relish if I invite you to a BBQ!

Wayne Schofield


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