What’s keeping you from $100?!

I was checking out job listings in the Sunday Newspaper over the weekend and it made me think, who is going to look for a job in the newspaper with all the other digital mediums that reach so many more people. Then I thought, well there are plenty of people who still read a newspaper and those folks are the type that might be saying, I need to make an electronic resume so I can email it or apply online.

Sure, you might not be that person because you probably wouldn’t be reading blogs, but think of those people who feel stagnant in a job and technology might have moved a bit beyond their comfort level, so they stay at their current job and suffer. Companies are looking for these people in manufacturing and engineering and support roles throughout the nation and this one little document, this one angst they are feeling towards getting a resume they are happy with is stopping them from moving on.

I’m sharing this knowledge because you need to share with these people that there is help out there for them. You are going to see these people around the bonfire, at the fireworks and around the BBQ grill this Holiday.

Here’s how to start the conversation: “I was reading this blog earlier this week and they said the person who posts a 4th of July picture on the Night and Day Resume Facebook page and gets the most amount of “likes” by July 25th wins $100”. You can follow up the conversation by adding “the picture must be family friendly to win and yes, it can be of your pet, your parents or just an awesome picture of fireworks”.

So Yes, I have decided to make this serious topic into a contest so you have something to talk to all your family and friends about hoping that someone you know will get inspired to use Night and Day Resume to get out from beneath the job they have been stuck in for years.

We ask you to be safe while taking the pictures and throughout the Summer.


Wayne Schofield
Co-Founder – Night and Day Resume

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