What’s Summer got to Do With it?

Lots of folks say that Summer time is not the time to be looking for a job. Is it because you might have to dress up on a beautiful summer day for an interview that’s keeping you from aggressively looking for a new job, or the fact that you really think nothing is going to happen?

Well I’m here to disappoint those of you who take your foot off the job search gas for the Summer and let you know you should keep your pedal to the metal. If for no other reason, consider the fact that others do slow down and there is less competition…much like during the Holidays.

Think about the community you are in and sometimes it’s obvious that employment swells during the summer…near the ocean, lakes and local sites to be visited. If you are in a college community things might slow down with students away for the summer, but hiring won’t. Those students leave holes in schedules that managers need filled through the summer, so take advantage and take their spot. Once you show your skills and the students start to flood back to the area and things pick up, your manager is going to need you even more, that is, if you have done a great job and shown initiative.

There is never a bad time to look for a job if you need, or want to. It’s all psychological, but don’t try to over think it. If you need work, or want out of your current situation just worry about yourself and not market conditions or the season.

If you have been sending your resume to appropriate roles and not getting interviews you should take a good look at your resume.

This week we had over 100 free reviews…our most in a single week since we have offered this service. I saw some great resumes, but many were missing the mark. Some had excellent content, but the formatting was too casual. Others had awesome formatting, but the summary was not passionate. My biggest concern was candidates felt the need to oversell, or over state their work. Remember, a resume is to get your foot in the door so you can sell yourself, not tell every little thing about you.

Here’s another hint…if you are using “I”, especially to start off your thoughts, you aren’t thinking deeply enough. Start off with the verb.

Here’s an example of good versus better:

“I was responsible for closing the store at night and locking up after cashing out.”

Instead, you could say “Responsible for closing the store and cashing out”.

It says the same thing, but hits harder and shows you aren’t trying to pad your resume. If someone who wants to hire you reads the second suggestion, they know you get it and you will then get the interview. The first one isn’t bad, it’s just that the second one is better.


Wayne Schofield
Co-Founder – Night and Day Resume


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