Work life balance is back!

I’m hearing it more from candidates and clients these days “I’m taking the afternoon off to enjoy some time for myself”, or “I’m going to enjoy some time with the family”. “I’m taking the day to enjoy with a friend”. It seems that with the modest bounce back in the economy, folks are trying to get their work/life balance back in order.Carefree female swimmer

Well, I hope they are, but all indications seem to say yes. You see, years ago, when the economy was extremely strong, many people put their foot on the gas full throttle (metaphorically speaking) and just didn’t let up. They burned out. Of course they were talented, so they got back on their feet after not too long a time, but imagine how much more enjoyable things would be if we could take some time and enjoy our efforts?

It’s difficult to take, and enjoy, time when things are not going well because the stress builds up. When things are going so well, you don’t want to ease up for fear that they will drop off.

I’m telling you first hand that “this too, shall pass” pertains to both scenarios, so try to enjoy when you can.

Now that I’ve convinced everyone to take some time to enjoy, I’m going to take my own advice and take my first days off in nearly a year and work on my golf swing in sunny (I hope) Florida next week.

Best, Wayne

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