Would you Sign an Employee Agreement to Get a Great Job?

Lots of conversations going on, both online and in person, about the flattening economy. In some sectors it seems that good people are hard to find while in others, there is a glut of qualified candidates.

Those that might be out of work unexpectedly and for an extended period of time are questioning everything from the validity of the roles they have applied for to potential discrimination based on seniority or age.

The facts are that companies are qualifying candidates based on too much experience, whether you would accept the job or not, they just set your resume aside assuming that you will take any job just to get back to work and jump for something better once it is available. This made me think….would you sign an employee agreement to stay at that job/company for xx amount of years if it was a contingency of employment?

I’m not sure of the legalities on something like this, so let’s set that aside for sake of argument, but this thought process might get companies to adopt such a policy. It provides stability for both sides, as you would commit to them and them to you for this time frame. If you were laid off they would have to pay you a severance equal to the duration of the contract and if you left early, they could seek litigation.

Actually, just to make it easier, maybe you could take a smaller compensation (5-7%) and at the end of the year get that back in an annual bonus that has been accruing some sort of interest. If you left early you forfeit the bonus, plus any remaining outstanding compensation.

It’s not revolutionary, it’s not cutting edge, but if a few companies consider this, and a hundred people can get back to work because of my thoughts, I’ve done my job for the day.

Have a great Weekend!

Wayne Schofield
Co-Founder – Night and Day Resume

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