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If you aren’t getting the results from submitting your resume, it could be the format. With this level of service you should feel confident in the content, but we will organize and completely Re-Format your entire resume in our classic, clean and clear style while editing for grammar and spelling. We will also make suggestions for improvement.

refreshWith the Re-Fresh you get a personal phone consultation to discuss your resume content. We will add a recent job or a summary section while editing the entire resume for grammar and clear content. At the end of your session you will have a better resume and the knowledge of why we make changes so you can do the same with your resume as your career grows.

The Re-Write offers 2, one-on-one, personal phone consultations. We work on your resume from top to bottom to make sure it properly represents you and that you are comfortable with it’s content. The 2 sessions, a primary consult and then a quick follow up, usually happen in the same day, so even with this level of service we will have a clean, classic and great resume produced for you within 1 business day, or less.

Our Cover Letter service includes a one-on-one phone consultation where we discuss how a cover letter should be presented and why content is critical. You will get the knowledge of how to change your cover letter based on specific roles you are applying for.



You don’t really need to be an executive to take advantage of this great package of offerings, but it might just help you get there! The Executive bundles our Re-Write, Cover Letter and Interview Prep/Career Counseling services.

Just like a smart executive, or future exec., you realize the value of consulting a true professional. This service is conducted by our co-founder, who has more than 20 years of experience as an executive in HR, Recruiting and as a Hiring Manager. Combined with his degree in journalism, you get top level service at a great package price. If you purchase this package you are eligible to get additional hours of career counseling/interview prep, at a discounted price.


All Night and Day Resume Services include: 
100% Satisfaction Guarantee and 30 days of follow up support!